Folio Investing


Through collaboration with CUNA Brokerage Services, CU1 Retirement & Investment Services offers outstanding opportunities to select or create your own portfolio of stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds.

Take advantage of a full-service brokerage offering that lets you manage your investment portfolio with just a few simple mouse clicks. Choose from:

  • Ready-To-Go Folios - over 100 specially designed investment portfolios built around a investing strategy
  • Build-Your-Own Folios - intended for more experienced investors; control what you own by selecting your own portfolios, each with a mix of up to 100 individual stocks, mutual funds and ETFs
  • Customizable Folios - allocate your dollars equally across all of the holdings in your investment portfolio, use market cap weightings, or customize each security weighting - all with one click

Along with a very competitive fee structure, you can buy, sell, or customize in a single transaction - and make real-time, online trades for just $3 to $10 per trade. By investing with folio investments, you'll enjoy:

  • Fast access - invest or review your account online, by telephone, or with a representative
  • Broad investment choices - select from stocks, mutual funds, options and more
  • Personalization - create your own watch list and get customized news and securities information
  • Research tools - access market information to help narrow down 6,000 mutual funds by defining your criteria

A full range of investment products. Valuable information tools. Exceptional flexibility. At CU1 Retirement & Investment Services, you'll find everything you need to achieve your investing objectives

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