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REACH/Community Involvement

Credit Union 1 is grateful for the support of our community, and we show that appreciation in a variety of ways. Our REACH Committee coordinates more than 20 events each year for our staff to become involved. Events range from fun runs to fundraising drives and much more - all meant to help strengthen the quality of life for our members, friends, families, and neighbors.

Current REACH Event Event Calendar Contributions  

CMN's Miracle Jeans Day

Did you know you’ve got the power to save a life?

Credit Union 1 is participating in Miracle Jeans Day, a fundraiser where employees wear jeans to work on September 13th by donating $5 to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Employees are dressing casually that Wednesday to show their support for the kids at the hospital. It shows the power of the credit union coming together as one.

Want to join our team in making miracles for the kids? Stop by a Credit Union 1 branch anytime between now and September 13th, and donate a dollar.

America’s credit unions and members have raised more than $160 million for the kids, much of it one dollar at a time. You can help make a difference in the life of a child in our community by donating just $1 or more! Stop by Credit Union 1 to donate today.

Want to see who your money is helping? Meet the kids who are counting on us at CMNHospitals.org. Every dollar makes a difference, and when we all come together – employees and members alike - those dollars add up quickly! We hope you join us.

Thank you for making miracles happen.

2016 REACH Events

  • February - Credit Union 1 Blood Drive
  • April - National Credit Union Youth Month
  • May - Credit Union 1 Shred Event
  • June - Adopt-a-Pet Month
  • July - School Supply Drive
  • September - CMN's Miracle Jeans Day
  • October - International Credit Union Day
  • November - Food Drive
  • December - Season of Giving - Local Branch Events
If your organization is interested in participating in or donating to an event, please contact us using the contact information below.

Criteria for Contributions of Time, Resources, or Money - Credit Union 1 recognizes its important role in the community as a business leader. We pride ourselves on being able to help. We know that the communities we serve will strive and grow as we all take an active part in caring for individuals and for the community as a whole.

As such, maintaining a positive corporate image, enhancing our brand, and being a part of the community are part of the mission of goodwill we share with our current and potential members throughout the communities we serve. Credit Union 1 may provide time, resources or monetary support to community agencies and organizations consistent with our image in the community.

The process to request participation from Credit Union 1 is fairly simple:

  1. Make sure your organization or cause meets our requirements. Credit Union 1 will seek to assist not-for-profit organizations that are located or conduct activities within the Credit Union 1 field of membership, and/or organizations that are tax exempt under Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The credit union will not support organizations that exist solely for religious purposes or political purposes or those that benefit only one individual (e.g. a fund to send one student overseas for study).
  2. Send Credit Union 1 information about your organization and cause. Organizations must provide written information regarding their group as well as specific information regarding the event sponsorship or donation requested.
  3. Credit Union 1 will review your submission or request. The following criteria will be used when reviewing each request:
    • Experience - past experience with this event/group - we will review the past success of events, including comments from sponsors.
    • Location - we will ensure the event/group is based within an area we cover.
    • Budget - appropriate budget considerations will be made to properly allocate our funds for the year.

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