Credit Union 1 Chicago IL


Credit Union 1 opened our doors in 1958 with the goal of offering excellent financial products and services to our members. Upon joining Credit Union 1, you become part owner of the organization and have access to a wide selection of checking/savings accounts, a huge network of ATMs, lower rates on auto loans, mortgages, credit cards and much more. 

The Chicago metro area has something for everyone. Founded in 1837, Chicago is a diverse, world class city with historic architecture, top-ranking colleges and universities, professional sports teams, renowned theatre companies, countless amazing restaurants and incredible shopping. Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, Chicago offers residents and visitors beaches and water-based, recreational activities. The suburbs of Chicago each have its own amenities, demographics and attractions that differentiates itself from others. The Chicagoland area is home to many Fortune 1000 companies providing ample employment opportunities as well as outstanding retail establishments.    

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