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Kelly Contine
Kelly Contine
Mortgage Loan Originator

“I enjoy long walks to the stage where live music is playing; traveling to see live music and saving members money is music to my ears.”

Kelly began as a part time clerical assistant with a small Credit Union to help fund her monthly train pass into the city where she was interning at WCKG radio. Having graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Journalism, Kelly did not see herself in the financial industry.

Credit Union 1 promoted Kelly to a full-time employee and her career in finance began. Credit Union 1 provided opportunities to learn and grow in her member service position. “I worked my way to my ultimate leadership goal of becoming a Branch Manager and managed the team at the Oak Lawn location…which was named Branch of the year 2019!”

As a manager, Kelly also assisted members with mortgage finance transactions and found herself with one foot in the Real Estate pool. Registered in Illinois and Indiana, the water was refreshing, and the waves looked exciting! Kelly loved being able to walk with members through their financial journey to the ultimate experience of home ownership.

In October of 2019 Kelly joined the Mortgage Sales Team and the surf has been up ever since. “The best part of my job is working with members on achieving their financial goals. There is nothing more rewarding than partnering up with a member, collaborating to formulate a plan, and following through with a goal of putting them in their best financial situation, it’s like putting the band back together.”



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