10 Home Selling Tips


Thinking of selling your home?

Here are the top 10 tips from HomeAdvantage® to sell your home at top dollar: 


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Beef up the crub appeal:
Clean up your exterior, whether it's
trimming the shrubs or simply pressure
washing the walls, is critical to making
a great first impression on buyers.

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Create a Grand Entrance:
 The first steps into your home are also
very important. Clean up, pare down
and add some flowers. Those all say,
to home buyers.

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Conquer Clutter:
Extra clutter on the floor, tables and
shelves can make your rooms appear
smaller and overused.  Give potential
buyers a clean slate so they can picture
their own family in your home.

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Evaluate your furniture:
Worn, dirty furniture can give the
impression that your house is tattered
and in need of repairs. Consider having
upholstered pieces steam cleaned.

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Let in the light:  
 Don’t leave buyers in the dark
with window treatments that
eliminate what could be one
of your home’s brightest features!

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Add some fresh paint:   
Consider buying a gallon or two to
freshen up the trim, shutters and doors.
And remember, neutral colors are key!

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Upgrade the mailbox: 
A mailbox is like the first
handshake—it can begin to
define the character of your home.

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Replace old house numbers:   
Consider replacing old numbers 
with new ones, or, if your home
has none, add some.


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Update light fixtures:  
Both interior and exterior light
fixtures that are dated may
deter buyers as they make the home
and decor also feel outdated.


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Bring in flowers and plants:
 Depending on the season, consider adding 
some potted plants in a variety of
staggering sizes and styles—lush green
plants and annual flowers.



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