A Green CU1


A Greener CU1

January 22, 2021

Credit Union 1 continues our “Going Green” initiative. The CU1 team makes conscious efforts for a greener and more paperless environment with less waste. Each day and every step make a difference! While the following examples aren’t our only green efforts, below are a few of our favorites.

  • In 2020 we implemented new printers to reduce paper waste. Not only is our team encouraged to avoid printing when possible, fobs are used with these new printers to release the print job when ready to retrieve the piece to eliminate abandoned print jobs left at the printer.
  • In 2020 CU1 began using DocuSign, an electronic signature solution. The entire document signature request process can securely occur in the cloud — eliminating paper, increasing speed and convenience.
  • Motion Sensor Lights are used where if there is no movement after 15 minutes, the lights automatically turn off. That’s a great energy saver!
  • Rocket Notebooks. If you have not heard of these gems, you must check them out. Our team uses these reusable notebooks which provide a classic pen and paper experience; however, it is a “smart” notebook built for the digital age. When we write with a Pilot Frixon pen, the writing sticks to the pages like regular paper. Then, you scan the page with the Rocket Notebook App which transcribes and digitally converts the pages into scans. You can email the scans to yourself or others, search the documents in the app, and more. Just a drop of water and a wipe erases the page ready to be reused again.
  • Recycle! Many locations have recycling bins to recycle plastic, paper, and aluminum consumed in the office.
  • The Lombard office has implemented durable, compostable utensils and when the current supply of paper/plastic depletes, durable compostable plates and cups will join the inventory. While these items will still go in the trash, they will have less of an impact on our wonderful planet.
  • The Paseo Verde branch (Henderson, NV) reuses system generated receipts for scrap paper. Don’t worry, these receipts don’t contain any confidential information!
  • The Thompson Center branch uses reusable K-Cups for their coffee machine in lieu of the disposable single use cups.
Credit Union 1 is celebrating 65 years of helping individuals, families and communities reach their financial goals.