Clear up Debt by 2021

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Clear up Debt by 2021

Now’s the perfect time to do a No Spend Challenge and save for a debt-free spring vacation or home upgrades!


If your pockets are feeling empty after a season of holiday spending, why not consider a No Spend Challenge to get your budget back in check? Make a vow not to spend any unnecessary money for a weekend, a few weeks, or an entire month. That includes anything that isn’t bills, groceries, gas or other necessities. 


Stay on top of your No Spend Challenge by setting up your personal finance manager (PFM).

  1. Take a seat and head to the spending tab* within CU1 Digital Banking.
  2. Click budget from the drop down to enter in your spending habits, assign transactions to categories and add external financial accounts to get the full picture of your financial well-being.
  3. Once you’ve created your budget set your savings goals under the spending tab!


Setting up your personal finance manager is just one way to hit your new years resolution!


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Digital Banking

*Note, the PFM is not available via the mobile app. To access the spending tab, you must be logged in to digital banking through a web browser.