Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Our Commitment to
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Credit Union 1 is committed to delivering the finest member experience available. We do so with diversity and inclusion as an absolute element of our culture that goes beyond what you can see. Our diverse culture is not only inclusive of one’s gender, ethnicity, age, disability, religious belief, and sexual orientation, but also welcoming of different perspectives and innovative ideas. It is the range in beliefs, ideas, perspectives, and team member experiences that power us forward to be THE financial institution that drives family and community success.

Celebrating CU1 Differences

Gender Makeup 77% Female 23% Male

Organization Gender Makeup

Cultural Diversity 21% African American, 4% Asian, 50% Caucasian, 21% Hispanic, 1% Native Hawaiian, 3% Other

Organization Cultural Diversity

Leadership Team is 69% female and 31% male

Leadership Team Gender Makeup

Leadership Team is 14% African American, 17% Hispanic, 64% Caucasian, 5% Other

Leadership Team Cultural Diversity

Better Banking for All of Us

The credit union movement is founded on the principle of “people helping people.” At Credit Union 1, we believe that means all people, including unbanked and underbanked individuals/businesses. CU1 offers a variety of financial products and services designed to build financial empowerment and help our members achieve their maximum economic potential.

We continue to listen, learn, and reflect on our priorities. Growing and evolving a diverse and inclusive environment remains a priority for future generations to prosper.

Together as One

At Credit Union 1, our team members are the most valuable asset we have, and our culture is the number one focus. The CU1 team is encouraged to embrace and seek diverse perspectives, learn from one another, and earn trust. We value contributions from people with differences and support an inclusive culture by eliminating barriers and providing resources so everyone has an equal chance to thrive.


Credit Union 1 proudly supports numerous organizations throughout the year to help improve our communities. Two of our most prominent examples are the award of $20,000 to Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) and $40,000 to the American Heart Association Metro Chicago in 2020.

NEIU is a multicultural university that is among the most diverse universities in the country. Students create their own path towards living their hopes and dreams. The University embraces originality preparing students to thrive in a multicultural world.

As you may know, the American Heart Association relentlessly works to improve the health of our communities.  They are doing invaluable work to address the growing health equity gap by focusing on access to healthcare, food, education, and safe spaces for exercise in our communities, especially on the south and west sides of Chicago, in addition to the tremendous research they are doing around Covid-19, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, brain health, and mental health.  


CU1 is an official UIC Banking partner, and we have committed $750,000 in scholarship money over the duration of our partnership. The Credit Union 1 Scholarship gives high-achieving students access to a University of Illinois Chicago education, helping transform the lives of UIC students, and in turn, the greater Chicago community.

Many students value the opportunity to meet and learn from different racial backgrounds, including those with disabilities. In a recent student survey, 72% of UIC freshman expect opportunities to interact with students from different backgrounds. As an extremely diverse university outranking over 2,200 schools in the nation*, UIC focuses on creating a climate of diversity and equity to make individuals feel welcomed and valued for their contributions. The undergraduate student body at UIC has an equally balanced gender distribution and the faculty ratio is excellent at 61.5% female and 38.5% male.

*UIC is ranked #262 in the nation (262 out of 2,475). Source: https://www.collegefactual.com/colleges/university-of-illinois-at-chicago/student-life/diversity/#secOverall


State of Illinois Community Reinvestment Notice The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (Department) evaluates our performance in meeting the financial services needs of this community, including the needs of low-income to moderate-income households. The Department takes this evaluation into account when deciding on certain applications submitted by us for approval by the Department. Your involvement is encouraged. You may obtain a copy of our evaluation once the Department completes our first evaluation. You may also submit signed, written comments about our performance in meeting community financial services needs to the Department. We will update this notice when our first evaluation has been issued.

Credit Union 1 is celebrating 65 years of helping individuals, families and communities reach their financial goals.