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Deposit Cash & Checks at CU1 Envelope-Free ATMs


Credit Union 1 ATMs received another upgrade!

Credit Union 1 Outdoor ATMDepositing cash and checks has never been so easy. Insert cash or checks directly into the machine — Envelope-Free!

If you deposit cash, the number and denomination of bills is posted on the screen. If you insert checks into the ATM, the machine converts the paper checks into digital images. The digital check images will appear on the screen, and you can even select the image to print on your receipt.


ATM No Envelope Deposits

Envelope-Free deposits

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ATM adds up totals for you

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Instant access to cash deposits

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Check images print on your receipt

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Self-service, fast, and
available 24/7

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Includes Anti-Skimming

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Layered Security to protect against
physical and cyber threats


Locate one of Credit Union 1’s deposit-taking ATMs and start making envelope-free deposits.

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Deposit-Taking ATMs Questions

Should I use an envelope for my deposits?

Do not use an envelope for deposits at CU1 deposit-taking ATMs.  Our new, high-tech ATMs instantly verify deposits, so envelopes are not necessary. Deposit cash and checks directly into the machine in stacks of 30. The on-screen instructions will guide you through the deposit process. 

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How many bills/checks can I put in the machine at one time?

You can deposit up to 30 items (cash and checks) at one time. Cash may be facing any direction but must be unfolded lying flat. Checks must be oriented correctly. There is an infographic on the machine that shows proper orientation.

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Can I deposit cash and checks at the same time?

Cash and checks will need to be deposited as separate transactions. Only one type can be deposited at a time. Our high-tech ATMs will automatically count the deposit. It has an option to display check images on the screen before accepting the amount for deposit. For cash, the machine will calculate the amount you are depositing and displays totals on the screen.

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Do I need to sort my cash before inserting it?

You do not need to sort cash before inserting it into the ATM; it just needs to be unfolded and lying flat. Our high-tech ATMs will automatically sort and count your cash. Coins are not accepted for deposit. The machine will then calculate the amount you are depositing and display it on the screen.

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Can I verify my deposit before completing this transaction?

Yes. There is an option to display check images onscreen for your instant verification. For cash deposits, you will see a total amount. Your receipt will include an itemized listing of all deposited cash, plus images of deposited check(s).

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Are my deposits credited faster?

Cash deposits are available for use immediately.

Check deposits still fall under Credit Union 1 Funds Availability Policy. Check deposits made on weekdays (excluding holidays) by 4:00 PM CST are considered received on the same day. If made on a holiday or weekend, the check deposit will be considered received the next business day. Items $500.01 or greater – the earliest availability for withdrawal of funds will be the 2nd business day after the business day on which we receive the deposit. Payee must be on the account, or the check will be rejected.

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Can I cancel the transaction after I inserted my cash or check(s) into the machine?

Yes, you can tap the cancel button on the keypad at any time or during the transaction there will be an option on the screen to cancel the transaction. The ATM will return your cash or check(s) to you.

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Will the ATM allow me to split my deposit with more than one Credit Union 1 account?

The ATM will deposit the entire amount into one account. You can achieve the same goal by then performing transfers between your accounts.

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