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Manage All Your Bills With One Login.

Tired of signing into six different websites just to pay your bills every month? Online Bill Pay is the simple way to pay all your bills from your online banking account or mobile banking app. 

If you are new to Online Bill Pay, it’s easy to get started, and payment is handled by the credit union you already know and trust. Spend the time you would have used to pay bills to enjoy a little free time.

Forget to pay a bill? Rush Payments will get it there on time, leaving more time for what is more important. Just select the Rush Payments link next to the payments calendar. Confirm the date and delivery method, and you are done!

When life has you coming and going, you can rely on eBills and Automatic Payments. Receive your bills electronically, delivered to your bill pay account. Then with AutoPay you can set it and forget it. Stay on schedule so you can stay on top of everything else.

All dressed up with lots of places to go? When your life is mobile, paying bills should be too. Mobile Banking and Online Bill Pay go hand in hand, so you can check balances and pay bills when you are out and about.

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An eBill is an electronic version of a bill or statement. The eBill typically contains the same information as a paper bill or statement.

You can receive, view, and pay eBills in Bill Pay. When your eBill arrives, it appears in the Payment Center. You control the date and amount of your payment.

Quick Facts

  • We can receive eBills from hundreds of companies nationwide.

  • When you add an eBill, we send the info as a request to the company. After your request has been processed, you receive an eBill in a month or more, depending on your billing cycle.
  • Some companies stop sending paper bills when they start sending eBills. Other companies continue to send paper bills in addition to eBills.
  • When your eBill arrives, you'll see it in the Payment Center as soon as you select the company from the list of companies and people you pay.
  • You can either select the amount due for the bill, which also enters the due date as the delivery date, or you can enter a different amount and date for delivering the payment.
  • You can set up AutoPay for some eBills.
  • You can stop receiving eBills in Bill Pay any time after the company processes your request for them.


Online Bill Pay Questions

What is the advantage of Online Bill Pay?

Online Bill Pay makes paying your bills more convenient. All of your billers are kept in one place, no need to log on to multiple biller sites and services. Bills can even be delivered directly to your Online Bill Pay account electronically. Paying your bills is also more convenient with options to schedule payments, to pay bills when they arrive or to hand pay bills on your schedule.

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How much does Online Bill Pay cost?

Nothing. That's right it's free. All you need is a Credit Union 1 Checking Account and access to Online Banking and you can begin paying your bills for free today.

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What do I need to do to sign up?

The Online Bill Pay application can be accessed in Online Banking on the Account Summary screen under Bill Payment. Select Enrollment Options and follow the prompts to sign up.

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What do I need to pay my bills online?

You will need a Credit Union 1 checking account and access to Online Banking. To get started gather any copies of bills you wish to pay online. You will need the biller's name, address and your account number with the biller. Many of the companies you pay are already in Online Bill Pay so you will only need to select them from the list and put in your account specific company information. Many billers can also send e-bills directly to your Online Bill Pay account where they can be paid automatically or on demand depending on your preference.

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Will bills be paid electronically or by paper check?

The answer is some of both. Most payments will be electronic but some billers are still unable to accept electronic payments. In those cases a paper check will be sent. Online Bill Pay can pay bills in three ways:

  1. Via electronic transmission from Online Bill Pay to the Biller.
  2. Via check drawn on your personal checking account.
  3. Via a check drawn off of an account from Online Bill Pay.

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What is an e-bill?

An e-bill is a copy of your bill and the information in it that is sent to your Online Bill Pay account rather than to you in the mail. These bills are kept safely on Online Banking and can be paid automatically or on demand depending on your preference.

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Can I download bill payment history?

Yes, you can download bill payment history as a .csv (comma separated) file for use in programs like Microsoft Excel. Direct download to Quicken or other personal finance software is not available.

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Who can I pay using Online Bill Pay?

You can pay anyone from your power company to your paper boy. Online Bill Pay is flexible and payments are sent in the way that billers can process them. You can even make person-to-person payments using Popmoney®.

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Is Online Bill Pay Secure?

Yes, we use industry standard encryption and security measures during the logon and authentication process and during your bill pay session.

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What if I send a payment but want to stop it because I sent it on accident?

First, don't worry we all make mistakes. Online Bill Pay is flexible and understands these situations. You may cancel your payment at any time via bill pay before the payment is in process. After it is in process you will need to call the bill pay service at 855.837.3991, or contact the Member Solutions Department at 800.252.6950 and we will attempt to cancel the payment or place a stop pay on the check (if applicable).

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What if a bill doesn't get paid by the due date it was scheduled for?

You can log in to Online Bill Pay and check the status of payments at any time. If a scheduled payment did not arrive at a biller, you can open a case online to have your payment researched. You can do this by clicking on Bill history, then 'view details' and then 'payment inquiry' inside of Online Bill Pay. You can also call the call center at 855.837.3991 to open a case.

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Bill Pay no longer displays my current balance. Can this be changed?

Your checking account balance will no longer be displayed in Online Bill Pay. However, you can open the Online Banking summary page and Online Bill Pay in separate windows and set them side by side, or you can toggle in between them to see your checking balance and the Online Bill Pay window at the same time.

Online Banking Bill Pay Support. For questions relating to payments made through Online Bill pay please call our Bill Pay support number at 855.837.3991.
Popmoney is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.

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Online Bill Pay Support

For questions relating to payments made through Online Bill Pay please call our Bill Pay support number at 855.837.3991.

Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile carrier for details. Popmoney is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc., or its affiliates. Terms and conditions apply.

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