5 Ways to Use ATMs for Everyday Banking 

Did you know that Credit Union 1 technically never closes? CU1’s fast, high-tech ATMs are a secure way to bank on your schedule and complete transactions just like you would at your local branch. Some are even available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

To use a Credit Union 1 ATM, all you need is your CU1 Visa® Debit Card. Every CU1 ATM has anti-skimming technology, which means your data is kept private and secure.

Here is exactly what you can do with a Credit Union 1 ATM.

1. Deposit Cash  

You can use a CU1 ATM to deposit cash into your Free Checking or Primary Savings accounts. Make sure you deposit bills—coins are not accepted. You can deposit up to 30 bills at once.

You can deposit cash either-side up, without sorting it or using an envelope, but your bills must be lying flat and unfolded.

Our ATMS will sort and count your cash automatically and display your deposit’s exact dollar amount on the screen for you to verify.  At any time before you verify your deposit, you can cancel it with the “cancel” button on the keypad.

If you verify the deposit, the ATM will print a receipt. Cash deposits are available for you to use immediately.

If you want to deposit checks into your Free Checking or Primary Savings accounts with a CU1 ATM, you need to do this as a separate transaction. Cash and checks cannot be deposited at the same time.

2. Deposit Checks

When depositing checks into a CU1 ATM, make sure that the payee (who the check is addressed to) is on the account, or your check(s) will be rejected.

You can deposit up to 30 checks at a time, and do not need to use an envelope—just orient your checks correctly. On the ATM screen, an infographic will show you the right way to align your checks.

Before the transaction is accepted, you can choose if you want to see images of your checks on the ATM’s screen. Your receipt will also list your deposit’s exact amount and include images of your checks.

You will be able to use the funds from check deposits less than $500.01 at CU1 ATMs within two business days after the business day you make your deposit. This means that if you deposit a check on a Tuesday that is less than $500.01, the funds will be available for you to use by Thursday at the latest.

For deposits $500.01 or greater, your funds will be available—at the earliest—on the second business day after the business day when you make your deposit.

Checks deposited on weekdays (not including holidays) before 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time are considered received that day. Checks deposited on weekends or holidays are considered received the next business day.

For example, if you deposit a check on a Saturday, the funds are considered deposited the following Monday, and you could use them by Wednesday at the latest (two business days later) if your deposit is less than $500.01. If your deposit is more than $500.01, the funds will be ready for use by Wednesday at the earliest.

3. Make a Withdrawal

You can withdraw cash from your Primary Savings and Free Checking accounts at any Credit Union 1 ATM. Typically, you can withdraw up to $1,220 per day, though some ATMs may have lower limits.

If you are far away from a CU1 ATM or branch, you can also withdraw cash from more than 30,000 ATMS that are part of the CO-OP Network for free. You can make cash and check deposits at nearly 9,000 CO-OP ATMs for free too.

After your fourth withdrawal in one calendar month at an ATM that is not from CU1 or the CO-OP Network, there is a $1.00 per withdrawal fee.

4. Check Your Balance

You can use a CU1 ATM to check the balance of your CU1 Primary Savings and Free Checking accounts. It is important to regularly check your account balances to keep track of how much money you have available to make purchases, pay debts, transfer between accounts, and more.

Balance inquiries at non-Credit Union 1 or CO-OP ATMs cost $1.00.

With CU1 Digital Banking, you can see the balance of any of your CU1 accounts, and those with external financial institutions, to get an at-a-glance view of your finances across the board.

5. Transfer Your Funds

At any Credit Union 1 ATM, you can make transfers between your Free Checking and Primary Savings accounts. Whether you want to grow your savings for a rainy day, use some saved-up money for an important purchase, or move money between the two accounts for any other reason, you can use a CU1 ATM to transfer funds and achieve your goals.

Do you have accounts with CU1 other than Free Checking and Primary Savings accounts, such as a High Yield Savings account? You can use CU1 Digital Banking to make transfers between all of your accounts, even those at other banks or credit unions. Learn more about how Digital Banking makes managing your finances easy.

How Do I Find an ATM?

You can find a CU1 or CO-OP ATM with CU1’s locator tool. Simply type in your city, state, or zip code, or tap “Use My Current Location,” and we will find you the nearest Credit Union 1 and CO-OP branches and ATMs.

To access CU1 ATMs, Digital Banking, and more member-exclusive perks, become a member in minutes online, at your local branch, or over the phone today.



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