Credit Report


The information in your credit report affects several aspects of your life:

  • Lenders use your credit score to figure out how much interest you will pay
  • Insurance Providers use your credit score to determine your rate
  • Landlords use your credit score to assess your ability to pay rent
  • Employers use your credit score to aid in determining personal integrity and responsibility

The three major credit bureaus are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. It’s not uncommon to find different information from each, so it’s important to monitor all three. Review your credit report regularly to ensure its accuracy, become familiar with the information being reported about you, and your credit activity. Reviewing your credit report is easy with a free annual credit report from

Thanks to a new federal law, starting September 21, 2018 you can freeze and unfreeze your credit file for free, and when you place a fraud alert, it will last one year instead of 90 days. Contact the national credit bureaus to request fraud alerts and credit freezes. If you have questions about the new law, here are answers to some of the questions the Federal Trade Commission is hearing most.


Credit Union 1 is proud to offer CreditSense powered by SavvyMoney®, a tool included with Digital Banking that provides registered CreditSense users with comprehensive credit score analysis, full credit report, credit monitoring, and personalized money-saving offers – all on one dashboard. There’s no cost and no hard pull on your credit!

Signing up for CreditSense is easy.

CreditSense Sample Screen


  • Simply login to Digital Banking and tap the CreditSense widget

  • Read and accept the terms and conditions of use

  • Answer a few simple questions to verify your identity

Once verified, you are set to use CreditSense!


CreditSense Questions

Who can access CreditSense?

CreditSense is available to the Primary account holder within Online Banking. If a joint member would like to access Credit Sense, they will need to open their own account with Credit Union 1.

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Is there a fee for CreditSense?

No. CreditSense is included with your access to Online Banking. Login to Online Banking as often as you'd like to check your score.

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How does CreditSense receive my credit score?

Credit Union 1 works with a trusted third-party service provider, SavvyMoney, to deliver CreditSense to you through Online Banking. Credit Union 1 does not receive this information from SavvyMoney, therefore, no Credit Union 1 employee can see your CreditSense credit score. It is confidential and available only for you to view within Online Banking. SavvyMoney will never share your personal information with outside entities.

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How does CreditSense keep my financial information secure?

The security of our members' financial information is our top priority. Credit Union 1 has partnered with a third-party, SavvyMoney, to deliver members' credit scores through CreditSense. SavvyMoney applies its own security measures to CreditSense using industry-standard security practices to protect your data.

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Is CreditSense an actual credit report?

No. CreditSense shows your credit score from TransUnion using the VantageScore credit scoring model, which ranges from 300 - 850, along with key factors from your credit report that impact your score. The VantageScore credit scoring model was developed collaboratively by the three major credit bureaus, therefore it seeks to make score information more uniform between the three bureaus to provide consumers with a better picture of their credit health. CreditSense does not include an actual credit report. You may request a full credit report annually at no cost from each of the three credit reporting bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) at

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How often is my credit score updated in CreditSense?

CreditSense will automatically update your score once a month. You can update it more frequently by clicking "update" on the page that presents your score.

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Will Credit Union 1 use CreditSense's credit score to make loan decisions?

No. At Credit Union 1 we have our own lending criteria, based on a full credit report, for making loan decisions and we do not have access to your CreditSense credit score.

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What if the information provided by CreditSense appears to be wrong or inaccurate?

Should you find inaccuracies in your CreditSense account information, such as loans that aren't yours or inaccurate balances (for example), there is a link within CreditSense to file a dispute with TransUnion, the credit bureau that provides CreditSense its information. To further protect yourself from credit inaccuracies and to identify potential fraud, we recommend that you request one free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus annually at Each bureau has its own process for correcting inaccurate information. The Federal Trade Commission's website offers step-by-step instructions if you would like to contact the bureaus to correct errors.

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Why am I seeing offers for Credit Union 1 products and services?

At Credit Union 1 we are always looking for ways to save you money. CreditSense can offer you loans or other services offered at Credit Union 1 that may be of interest to you, and could save money.

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Will accessing CreditSense show as an inquiry on my credit report?

No. CreditSense accesses your credit score as a "soft inquiry" which does not alter your score in any way.

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Does CreditSense offer credit report monitoring as well?

Yes. CreditSense offers free credit report monitoring which will alert you of certain types of changes to your credit report, including new credit accounts opened or attempted to be opened, delinquencies, bankruptcies and more.

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How do I change my email address or other personal information?

Please contact Credit Union 1 directly to change your email address and other information on file.

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Can members use CreditSense on mobile devices?

Yes. Credit Sense is available for both mobile and tablet devices through Online Banking.

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What if I don't want my credit score to be accessible within Online Banking?

You can disable access to your CreditSense credit score information. To disable, contact Credit Union 1 at 800.252.6950.

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