Why Credit Union 1


Vision Statement

To be THE financial institution that drives family and community success.

Mission Statement

To exceed your expectations in our delivery of innovative financial solutions to help you achieve your maximum economic potential.

Core Values

Be Great. Be Engaged. Be Open. Be Nice.

At Credit Union 1, our mission is to help more people achieve their economic potential, which benefits our member owners and the communities we serve. This objective allows us to live our vision of being a financial institution that drives family and community success. We welcome you to become a part of the Credit Union motto, “People helping People” and participate in a better way of saving and borrowing money.  

As a cooperative, when our membership increases, the rise permits us to grow and expand our product offerings, better serving our members and the communities in which we all live. Membership growth helps attract the deposits we need to lend out to other members in our communities in the form of Mortgages, Auto Loans and similar products. The increase of lending services to more members in our communities also generates more loan interest income, which is our greatest source of revenue. This additional loan interest income is then reinvested back into your credit union in the form of improved technology and services. The improvements make it possible to provide products and services more efficiently and at a lesser cost. By delivering services and products in a less costly manner, your credit union can provide its member owners with an enhanced member experience and keep our deposit rates higher and our loan rates lower. Both of which benefit our entire membership base. A true win/win scenario for all our member owners.

Credit Union 1 employees are proud to know that they work for an organization that is truly investing itself in the vision statement of being THE Financial institution that drives family and community success. This pride carries over into offering you a great experience that exceeds your needs as a member.  

Board of Directors Expand/Colapse

Daniel A. Ricci, Chairman
Robert L. Larson, Jr., Vice Chairman
Donna Robinson, Secretary
Paul Simons, Treasurer
Joseph Lyons, Director
David Scott, Director
Thomas Wells Jr., Director
Kent W. Yager, Director
Robert Eberhardt, Director

Executive TeamExpand/Colapse

Paul Simons, President/CEO
Todd Gunderson, EVP/COO
Brenda Crane, SVP/CLO
Rich Broaddus, SVP/CFO
Michael Hirt, CTO
Paul Fichter, SVP Legal Operations/General Counsel
Sue Heyen, SVP Human Resources/Training & Development
Kevin Allen, SVP Member Solutions

Annual Report Expand/Colapse

We are excited to share with you, the 2018 Annual Report, capturing the accomplishments that made 2018 a success. Every team member and Board member of the credit union takes tremendous pride in serving our members, communities, and team to the best of our ability.

2018 Annual Report