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Corporate Address:
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Travel Notification:
Don't forget to put travel notifications on your CU1 Debit and Credit Cards to ensure seamless card usage while out of town.

Just a few easy steps

  1. Login to CU1 Online Banking.
  2. Under the Profile Menu select Secure Forms.
  3. Choose CU1 Card Travel Notification.
  4. Enter the information in each field and click Submit.

Lost or Stolen Cards:
To report lost/stolen legacy credit cards, please call 844.700.1129
To report lost/stolen debit cards, please call 800.472.3272

Click Here to report fraudulent use of a Debit/Credit Card

Our monitoring service may call you to verify unusual activity on your card. These are legitimate calls.

Debit card unusual activity phone number: 877.253.8964
Credit Card unusual activity phone number: 844.700.1129


FAQ Categories

Online Banking

What is an External Transfer in Online Banking?

You can use external transfers to link another bank account to your Credit Union 1 account and transfer funds back and forth. 

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How do funds get transferred with External Transfers?

We send your transfers electronically through the secure Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

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Can I use an External Transfer to transfer funds to my Credit Union 1 Loan Accounts?

Yes, you can transfer money to your Credit Union 1 loan accounts.

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Can I use External Transfers to transfer funds internationally?

No, international accounts are not eligible for this service.

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Can I use External Transfers to transfer funds between my accounts at Credit Union 1?

No. Each transfer must be between your Credit Union 1 account and an account with another bank or credit union.

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Can I use External Transfers to transfer money between my accounts at other banks and credit unions?

No. Each transfer must be between your Credit Union 1 account and an account with another bank or credit union.

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Can I use External Transfers to transfer funds to my loan accounts at my other banks or credit unions?

No, you can’t add loan accounts held at other banks or credit unions to this service.

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Which account types are not eligible in External Transfer Funds?

You won't be able to add these accounts to your service:

  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).
  • Custodial and/or Trust accounts.
  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs) or other time-based accounts.
  • Loan accounts (including credit card and equity accounts).

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Is there a fee to use External Transfers?

No. Credit Union 1 does not charge for this service. It is included with digital banking.

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Online Bill Pay

What is the advantage of Online Bill Pay?

Online Bill Pay makes paying your bills more convenient. All of your billers are kept in one place, no need to log on to multiple biller sites and services. Bills can even be delivered directly to your Online Bill Pay account electronically. Paying your bills is also more convenient with options to schedule payments, to pay bills when they arrive or to hand pay bills on your schedule.

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How much does Online Bill Pay cost?

Nothing. That's right it's free. All you need is a Credit Union 1 Checking Account and access to Online Banking and you can begin paying your bills for free today.

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What do I need to do to sign up?

The Online Bill Pay application can be accessed in Online Banking on the Account Summary screen under Bill Payment. Select Enrollment Options and follow the prompts to sign up.

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What do I need to pay my bills online?

You will need a Credit Union 1 checking account and access to Online Banking. To get started gather any copies of bills you wish to pay online. You will need the biller's name, address and your account number with the biller. Many of the companies you pay are already in Online Bill Pay so you will only need to select them from the list and put in your account specific company information. Many billers can also send e-bills directly to your Online Bill Pay account where they can be paid automatically or on demand depending on your preference.

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Will bills be paid electronically or by paper check?

The answer is some of both. Most payments will be electronic but some billers are still unable to accept electronic payments. In those cases a paper check will be sent. Online Bill Pay can pay bills in three ways:

  1. Via electronic transmission from Online Bill Pay to the Biller.
  2. Via check drawn on your personal checking account.
  3. Via a check drawn off of an account from Online Bill Pay.

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What is an e-bill?

An e-bill is a copy of your bill and the information in it that is sent to your Online Bill Pay account rather than to you in the mail. These bills are kept safely on Online Banking and can be paid automatically or on demand depending on your preference.

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Can I download bill payment history?

Yes, you can download bill payment history as a .csv (comma separated) file for use in programs like Microsoft Excel. Direct download to Quicken or other personal finance software is not available.

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Who can I pay using Online Bill Pay?

You can pay anyone from your power company to your paper boy. Online Bill Pay is flexible and payments are sent in the way that billers can process them. You can even make person-to-person payments using Popmoney®.

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Is Online Bill Pay Secure?

Yes, we use industry standard encryption and security measures during the logon and authentication process and during your bill pay session.

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What if I send a payment but want to stop it because I sent it on accident?

First, don't worry we all make mistakes. Online Bill Pay is flexible and understands these situations. You may cancel your payment at any time via bill pay before the payment is in process. After it is in process you will need to call the bill pay service at 855.837.3991, or contact the Member Solutions Department at 800.252.6950 and we will attempt to cancel the payment or place a stop pay on the check (if applicable).

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What if a bill doesn't get paid by the due date it was scheduled for?

You can log in to Online Bill Pay and check the status of payments at any time. If a scheduled payment did not arrive at a biller, you can open a case online to have your payment researched. You can do this by clicking on Bill history, then 'view details' and then 'payment inquiry' inside of Online Bill Pay. You can also call the call center at 855.837.3991 to open a case.

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Bill Pay no longer displays my current balance. Can this be changed?

Your checking account balance will no longer be displayed in Online Bill Pay. However, you can open the Online Banking summary page and Online Bill Pay in separate windows and set them side by side, or you can toggle in between them to see your checking balance and the Online Bill Pay window at the same time.

Online Banking Bill Pay Support. For questions relating to payments made through Online Bill pay please call our Bill Pay support number at 855.837.3991.
Popmoney is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.

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Digital Banking

How do I access CU1 Mobile Banking?

In order to access CU1 Mobile Banking, you need a Credit Union 1 account, access to Online Banking, and a mobile device with an Internet connection.

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Which mobile devices are supported for CU1 Mobile Banking?

You can access CU1 Mobile Banking from any Internet-enabled mobile phone, iPhone®, iPad®, or Android® device.

Note: For the mobile app, devices must be Internet-enabled and have a cell phone number associated with them. The tablet app is currently for iPad® only.

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Is CU1 Mobile Banking secure?

CU1 Mobile Banking is encrypted using the Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) protocol, which provides the highest level of security available today. Additionally, all data that passes between web servers are encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

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Is there a fee to use CU1 Mobile Banking?

No. CU1 Mobile Banking is a benefit of CU1 membership and is a complimentary service. Message and data rates charged by your carrier may apply.

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What happens if l forgot my User ID or Password?

To reset your password, choose the "Forgot Password?" option from the login screen and reset your password.

To reset your User ID, go to the Online Banking login through your mobile device's browser, and select the "Forgot User ID?" option.

You may also call our Member Solutions Team at 800.252.6950.

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I am not receiving text messages from CU1 including the activation code?

Some carriers may block access to text messages from Credit Union 1. Please contact your carrier if you receive a message that texts are blocked or if you have issues receiving texts from Mobile Banking.

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What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a secure and convenient way of making deposits with your mobile device anytime, anywhere! Take photos of the front and back of your check and submit. Review the deposit and done!

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Can I make a payment using Mobile Deposit, or is it for depositing into savings and checking only?

You can deposit into any of your Savings, Checking or Money Market Account. You can transfer funds from any of these accounts after funds are made available to you, using Online/Mobile Banking.

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Is there is any kind of limit on the mobile check deposits?

The maximum amount per item deposited per day is $2,500 if your account has been opened for 180 days or less or $5,000 if your account has been opened more than 180 days.

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Do Mobile Deposit checks have to be signed?

Yes, endorse or sign the check with your signature and your account number.

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When will Mobile Deposits Post?

On weekdays (excluding holidays), the cutoff time for same business day posting is 4:00PM Central Time. Deposits made after the 4:00PM Central Time cutoff will be posted the next business day. Deposits received after 4:00PM Central Time on Friday or on Saturday or Sunday or any holiday, will be posted on the next business day. Posting usually occurs between 4:00PM and 5:00PM Central Time. Up to $200 of your deposit will be available the following business day. The remainder may be placed on hold up to 2 business days. Longer holds in certain situations may apply.

Mobile Banking Support. For questions relating to signing up, accessing or using the Mobile Banking services please call our Mobile Banking support number at 800.252.6950 and a Member Solutions Specialist will assist you.

Apple, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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What are the advantages of using Online Banking?

With Online Banking you can review transaction history, make account transfers, pay bills or access your account on your mobile device. Online Banking gives you access to your account where you need it when you need it.

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How much does Online Banking cost?

Online Banking is a free service associated with your Credit Union 1 account. Some fees may apply to services accessed within the application like Popmoney®.

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What do I need to do to sign up for Online Banking?

  • Click the Register link under the login button
  • Review and accept the terms of this agreement
  • Enter the information in the required fields and follow the screen prompts.
    • Account Number, Last Name, email Address, Zip Code, Social Security Number, Birth Date.

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Is Online Banking Secure?

Online Banking is secured using the latest encryption and Internet security technologies. We take your online security very seriously. 

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How do I reset my password?

  • Click the "Forgot Password?" link under the password field.
  • Enter the information for the Required Fields.
  • Click Submit and follow the screen prompts.

Online Banking Support. For questions relating to signing up, accessing or using the Online Banking services please call our Member Solutions Department at 800.252.6950 and a Member Solutions Specialist will assist you.

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Why do I need to enter my Social Security Number when registering?

As a financial institution, for your protection, Credit Union 1 needs to authenticate who we are communicating with online. Entering your Social Security Number is required to confirm we are in fact registering/authenticating you.

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Why won't my phone number or email address work when I'm trying to register?

The digital banking system uses the information on your Credit Union 1 account to establish your online account. You need to use the home or work phone number, or email address that is on your account.

For the Identity Verification step, you do have the option to select, "I can't be reached at any of these numbers." and you will be presented wit out-of-wallet questions to answer in place of receiving a text or phone call.

If you need to update your phone number or email address that we have on file, please contact our Member Solutions Team at 800.252.6950 to get that updated.

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Why am I getting an Error Message stating you are unable to validate my information?

Your last name needs to be entered exactly as it is on your Credit Union 1 account. Please refer to your statement to confirm.

When you receive the Error Message, you can use the "Forgot Password?" option with your User ID. Follow the screen prompts and answer the questions presented. If you continue to receive an error, call our Member Solutions Team at 800.252.6950.

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How do I see my other accounts on which I'm an owner?

Linked Profiles. If you are an owner on another Credit Union 1 account and would like to link your profiles so you can manage both accounts digitally through one login, call our Member Solutions Team at 800.252.6950 and request to Link Profiles.

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How do I transfer to other CU1 Accounts?

Unlinked Accounts. Add unlinked accounts to enable you to transfer funds with other Credit Union 1 accounts online. This would be used to transfer funds from your CU1 account to another person's CU1 account (ie: friend, co-worker, family member etc.) on which you are not an owner.

To setup your unlinked accounts, you must be logged in through a web browser (not the mobile app). Click the Transfers dropdown menu and select Unlinked Accounts. After you provide the information, the designated account will be added to your list of destination accounts on the Manage Transfer screen.

Note: The format to add an Unlinked Account is Account=sfx. Money can only be sent to Unlinked Accounts, you cannot request funds with this feature.

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What are Electronic Documents?

Receive and view all of your documents electronically! You will get a notification that a document is available for viewing. Simply login to Digital Banking and choose Electronic Documents from the Accounts menu.

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How do I request a Cashier's Check through Digital Banking?

When logged in, send a secure message requesting a Cashier's Check. Go to the Profile Menu, select Messages, and click Compose New in the top right corner of the screen. Complete the form and click Send.

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How do I change my User ID?

It is easy to change your User ID! Once logged in, go to the Profile menu, select Profile Update, and click Change User ID. Voila!

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What is Fast Balances?

Fast Balances is a feature that lets you get a quick look at your balances from the login screen on your mobile device.

To setup Fast Balances, login and go to the Profile menu, select Profile Update, and click Manage Fast Balances. Turn Fast Balances on, and select your accounts. Voila!

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How do I get more details about my certificate (CD)?

In the Account Summary screen, click on the Certificate Name and additional account details will appear such as: interest rate, Year to Date Interest, and Maturity Date.

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How do I setup recurring transfers?

When logged in, simply go to the Transfers menu and click on Manage Transfers. Pick your source, destination, amount, start date and frequency. That's it! Set it up once and don't worry about it anymore.

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Why can't I see my eStatements on my mobile device?

Viewing eStatements on mobile devices is a feature that will be available 1Q 2020.

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What operating system is needed for the CU1 Mobile Banking app?

The CU1 Mobile Banking app is supported by the most recent versions of iOS and Android. For security purposes, we recommend regularly updating your phone to the latest version of iOS or Android when prompted.

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Mobile Deposit

What is Mobile Deposit

Like the name implies, this feature allows members to use their mobile device's camera to capture check images and deposit the funds anywhere, anytime using the CU1 Mobile App. It works with both Apple iOS and Android devices.

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How does Mobile Deposit work?

It's easy! Once you open your CU1 Mobile App, just select "make a deposit." It will ask you for an amount and let you choose the account you want to deposit the check into. After that, just take a picture using your phone's camera and click submit. All done!

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What kinds of devices can use mobile deposit?

Android and iOS operating systems for smartphones and tablets — but via the CU1 Mobile App only — it won't work on a mobile browser.

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How many checks can be captured?

One check can be captured per deposit.

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How can items be viewed once captured?

Upon submission, items will display immediately in the Deposited Checks tab on the Activity Center page as either Submitted (item we've received by), Accepted (confirmed for processing), or Rejected (denied for processing).

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Mobile Banking

What is Text Banking?

Text Banking is an easy, fast and secure way of banking while using the texting capabilities of your mobile phone. With Text Banking, you can find out the balance and transactions of your accounts on the go, just by texting.

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What do I need to do to get started with Text Banking?

You will need to enroll in Text Banking via either Online (desktop) or via the mobile (browser or app). For desktop, go to the Profile dropdown, select Profile Updates and choose Text Banking to enroll in Text Banking. You will need a mobile phone with texting capabilities. Standard messaging and data rates may apply. 

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Is the mobile Text Banking free?

The Text Banking is free to enroll and use, however, your mobile wireless carrier may charge you standard data and messaging rates. Please contact your mobile wireless carrier for messaging and data rates. 

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Do I need to create short nicknames to use with Text Banking?

Yes, you do need to create short nicknames to use with Text Banking. It is a lot easier to request the balance of a specific account with short nicknames and makes the reply shorter. 

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Do I have to text the commands in all CAPS?

No, the commands are not case sensitive. You can text BAL, Bal, or bal which would all mean the balance command. 

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Is Text Banking secure?

We do not transfer any account numbers, password or such sensitive information. The phone is assumed to be secure with the owner and it is the owner's responsibility to lock the phone for privacy. The balance and transaction history being returned from your account will remain in your messaging history until deleted. 

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How can I remove a phone from Text Banking?

You can remove a phone from Text Banking by two methods:

a) Texting back stop will remove the phone from Text Banking, or

b) From Online (desktop) or from mobile (browser or app), go to the Text Banking screen. Delete the phone number you wish to remove from Text Banking.

Note that you will need to enroll the phone number again the next time you want to use that phone for Text Banking.

If you have questions, please call our Member Solutions Team at 800-252-6950.

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Legacy Visa® Credit Cards

Where should I send my credit card payments?

The payment address is included on your statement. If you pay your credit card bill through Online Bill Pay or need the mailing address it is listed below: 

Credit Union 1
P.O. Box 2711 
Omaha, NE 68103-2711

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What is uChoose Rewards?

The uChoose Rewards program enables you to earn points for using your card. Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them for your choice of items or experiences from a huge online rewards catalog.

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How do I earn points?

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent with your Credit Union 1 Visa Platinum Card. You can also earn more points when shopping at participating retailers. Choose to shop in-store at national or local retailers, or online through uchooserewards.com. When shopping in-store; select Credit, and sign for your purchase.

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When can I redeem my points?

It can take up to 40 days for points to be credited to your account. A minimum of 1500 points must be accumulated before redemption. When you have 1500 points, you can redeem them for a wide variety of items. Look for Available Points at the top of any page on the uChoose Rewards website for your total points available for redemption at that time.

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What can I redeem my points for?

Choose from a wide variety of options, including products, travel, experiences, activities, and event tickets. At the uChoose Rewards website, navigate to the Redeem Points page, click on the category that interests you, and start shopping.

The uChoose Rewards program tracks all points earned, and provides details and information to help locate just what you are looking for when you are ready to redeem points. You can also set up a personal Wish List to help you track the things you want.

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Can I share points with family members?

Yes. All cards pooled in an account automatically earn points together. With multiple credit card accounts at Credit Union 1, you can register them in one uChoose account to earn rewards points faster.

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Deposit-Taking ATMs

Should I use an envelope for my deposits?

Do not use an envelope for deposits at CU1 deposit-taking ATMs.  Our new, high-tech ATMs instantly verify deposits, so envelopes are not necessary. Deposit cash and checks directly into the machine in stacks of 30. The on-screen instructions will guide you through the deposit process. 

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How many bills/checks can I put in the machine at one time?

You can deposit up to 30 items (cash and checks) at one time. Cash may be facing any direction but must be unfolded lying flat. Checks must be oriented correctly. There is an infographic on the machine that shows proper orientation.

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Can I deposit cash and checks at the same time?

Cash and checks will need to be deposited as separate transactions. Only one type can be deposited at a time. Our high-tech ATMs will automatically count the deposit. It has an option to display check images on the screen before accepting the amount for deposit. For cash, the machine will calculate the amount you are depositing and displays totals on the screen.

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Do I need to sort my cash before inserting it?

You do not need to sort cash before inserting it into the ATM; it just needs to be unfolded and lying flat. Our high-tech ATMs will automatically sort and count your cash. Coins are not accepted for deposit. The machine will then calculate the amount you are depositing and display it on the screen.

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Can I verify my deposit before completing this transaction?

Yes. There is an option to display check images onscreen for your instant verification. For cash deposits, you will see a total amount. Your receipt will include an itemized listing of all deposited cash, plus images of deposited check(s).

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Are my deposits credited faster?

Cash deposits are available for use immediately.

Check deposits still fall under Credit Union 1 Funds Availability Policy. Check deposits made on weekdays (excluding holidays) by 4:00 PM CST are considered received on the same day. If made on a holiday or weekend, the check deposit will be considered received the next business day. Items $500.01 or greater – the earliest availability for withdrawal of funds will be the 2nd business day after the business day on which we receive the deposit. Payee must be on the account, or the check will be rejected.

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Can I cancel the transaction after I inserted my cash or check(s) into the machine?

Yes, you can tap the cancel button on the keypad at any time or during the transaction there will be an option on the screen to cancel the transaction. The ATM will return your cash or check(s) to you.

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Will the ATM allow me to split my deposit with more than one Credit Union 1 account?

The ATM will deposit the entire amount into one account. You can achieve the same goal by then performing transfers between your accounts.

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CU1 Card Keeper

Is there a fee for CU1 Card Keeper?

No. CU1 Card Keeper is included with your checking and credit card accounts. 

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Can I unsubscribe from CU1 Card Keeper?

Yes, you can unsubscribe through the CU1 Card Keeper App via Manage Portfolio. To unsubscribe, uncheck all cards and accounts and tap OK. Or call Credit Union 1 at 800.252.6950. Please note, when unsubscribing from CU1 Card Keeper, all previously set alerts and controls are no longer in effect.

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Can I re-enroll in CU1 Card Keeper if I previously unsubscribed?

Yes. To activate an unsubscribed user, you will register as a new user. You are required to select a new username; if you enter your previous username an error displays. Upon successful registration, you may once again use CU1 Card Keeper. 

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How long does the app stay logged in if you do not log out?

The app automatically logs the user off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

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Can multiple cards be linked to one registered CU1 Card Keeper account?

Yes. Cardholders can register multiple Credit Union 1 cards within a single CU1 Card Keeper app. 

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How many cards can you register within a single CU1 Card Keeper application?

There is no limit. 

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If I receive a reissued or replacement card, will I have to update my cards within the application?

If the card number is new, then yes, you must add the new card number to your profile. You may also unmanage the old card by accessing Manage Portfolio. 

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What exactly is the range of the My Location controls, and will this setting impact internet transactions?

The My Location controls and alerts will check to ensure the merchant location is within a 5-mile radius of the device set as primary within CU1 Card Keeper. These controls impact card present transactions only, therefore internet transactions are not impacted. 

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If My Location is set but the primary device is off, will transactions get denied outside of the My Location area?

CU1 Card Keeper ignores location information that is more than 8 hours old. So, if the phone is off for more than 8 hours, My Location controls will not take effect, and the transaction will not be denied on the basis of the old location information. 

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What happens if My Location is set but the phone is left at home? Will transactions be denied outside the My Location area?

CU1 Card Keeper performs a proximity check at the granularity of Zip code or city, so if the merchant is close to home then the transactions will still go through. 

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A region has been set on the map. Does this mean the card can only be used exactly in this region?

The region shows the approximate area where the card can be used; the area must be greater than 5 square miles. CU1 Card Keeper can typically map the transaction down to a ZIP code or city. If the city or ZIP code of the merchant overlaps with the selected region in the map, then the transaction can still go through. There are instances where a merchant location cannot be mapped down to a ZIP code or city, in which case CU1 Card Keeper will default to a state-level match. 

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Can I block all international transactions?

Yes. International transactions can be blocked using the Block International location control. Transactions will be limited to the United States. 

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Does Block International also block Internet transactions?

No. The location controls are applicable to in-store transactions only. 

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Will location controls, merchant controls, threshold controls, and turning the card off impact previously authorized recurring transactions?

Previously authorized recurrent payments will continue to process and will bypass the CU1 Card Keeper edit checks.

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Are the alerts sent as email or push notifications to the device?

CU1 Card Keeper alerts are sent as push notifications to the phone. The alerts also display under Messages in the CU1 Card Keeper app.

Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile carrier for details. The iPhone and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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Does the app show recent transaction history?

Yes, the app shows the last 50 card-based transactions posted within the last 30 days.

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How are we doing?

We want to hear from you! In our ongoing efforts to improve member experience at Credit Union 1, we’re rolling out a member survey to ensure that your voice is being heard.

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Notices of Error and Requests for Information:
Borrowers have certain rights under Federal law related to resolving errors and requesting information about their mortgage account. Notice of errors and requests for information must be directed to:

CU1 Mortgage Servicing Department
2651 Paseo Verde Pkwy.
Henderson, NV 89074

Your submission must be in writing and include borrower’s name, loan number, and a description of the error you believe has occurred OR a request for specific information regarding your mortgage loan.

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