Getting Started


Your Guide to Digital Banking

Welcome to Digital Banking with Credit Union 1! You can use this guide for an overview and steps to help you during your digital banking experience.

Homepage Overview

Existing Digital Banking Users

  1.  Click the Login button in the header of the website.
  2. Use your existing login credentials to login to the new system for the first time.
  3. Follow the screen prompts to setup your new digital banking experience.

NOTE: The details you provide are verified by comparing them to your contact information in our system. If you get an error, call us at 800.252.6950 to update your profile.


Mobile Devices

For Apple Devices

  1. Go to the App Store and search "Credit Union 1 Mobile Banking".
  2. Click the Update button.
    App Store Screenshot
  3. When you open the app, enter your existing login credentials and follow the screen prompts.

    CU1 Mobile App Login Screen

Download on the App Store 


For Android Devices

NOTE: When you search for the Credit Union 1 Mobile Banking App on Google Play, our old app may still appear. When Google published our app, it starts on one server and gets pushed out to all their servers. The server you connect to may not have received the update yet. In that case, you can go directly to the new app by clicking the Get it On Google Play button below.

Get it on Google Play

  1. Delete the old CU1 Mobile Banking App from your device.
  2. Install the new CU1 Mobile Banking App on your device.
  3. When you open the app, enter your existing login credentials and follow the screen prompts.

    CU1 Android Login Page


New User Enrollment

If you are new to digital banking with Credit Union 1, you need to complete the registration process.

  1. Click the Register button in the header of the website.
  2. Enter the required information and click the Continue Button
    Digital Banking Enrollment Screen

    NOTE: The details you provide are verified by comparing them to your contact information in our system. If you get an error, call us at 800.252.6950 to update your profile.
  3. Follow the screen prompts to complete your enrollment.


Home Page Overview

Digital Banking Homepage Overview

A: The navigation bar appears in every view on the left side of the screen for a pc and at the bottom for mobile devices. You can navigate to digital banking features by selecting the appropriate drop-down tab.

B: Your Credit Union 1 accounts and linked external accounts are displayed in an account card with its balance.

C: If you click an account name, you are taken to the Account Details page where you can view transaction history. You can also click the ellipses icon on the right side of an account card and select View Activity for more details.

D: The printer icon allows you to print a summary of current available funds in your accounts.

E: If you click and hold an account card, you can drag and drop it to a new location to change the order in which your accounts appear.


Manage External Transfers

To link your accounts at other financial institutions to your CU1 digital banking profile:

  1. Click on the Services tab from the menu and choose "Manage Ext Transfers".
    Manage External Transfers Menu
  2. Enter the Routing Number and Account Number for the external account you would like to link. Then choose the Account type: Checking or Savings, and click the Submit button.

    External Transfers Form
  3. You will be asked to verify your ownership of that account by confirming two small deposits Credit Union 1 makes into the external account. Once they are confirmed, you can begin transferring money to/from the external account.
  4. When you go to the Transactions tab in the menu and choose Funds Transfer, the external account(s) will appear in the account dropdown lists with your CU1 accounts.

    Funds Transfer Screen


Sending a Secure Message

Use Secure Messages in digital banking to contact Credit Union 1 about your account in a convenient way.

Secure Message Screenshot

A: In the menu on click/tap Messages.

B: Then click/tap the pencil icon to begin composing your message.

Compose Secure Message Screenshot

Select a recipient, enter your message, attach any relevant files, and click/tap Send message.

Have a question about a specific transaction in your history?

Ask a question about a transaction

Click/tap on the ellipses and choose Ask a question.

Ask a question detail

Enter your message and click the Send message button.

Account Grouping

You can organize your internal and linked accounts into groups, so the home page appears in a way that makes sense to you. These groups can always be changed or deleted.

Grouping Screenshot

A: Create a new group by clicking and holding an account card, then dragging and dropping it to the pop-up icon.

B: Create a group nickname and click the check mark when you are finished.

Then, you can hold an account card and drag it into the group to organize your accounts how you like to see them.


Nickname Account

Nickname Account will allow you to change the name that displays for this particular account.

Nickname Account example

Click/tap the ellipses on an account card and select Nickname Account.

Change Nickname Screenshot

Enter the desired nickname and click the Save button.


Access Credit Card Information

Under the Services Menu select Credit Card Services.

Menu Services Credit Card Services

Consumer Credit Card information will be displayed. Check the box to the left of the credit card.

credit card name and checkbox

Online Account Manager will launch and the first screen you will see is the Account Overview.

Online Account Management Overview

A: Account Overview navigation:

  • Account Overview | shows current account information, new messages, current statement information, available credit and current balance. Note: current balance is updated nightly.
  • Pending Activity | View pending activity in real-time
  • Current Activity | View current activity (updated nightly)
  • Account History | Select a statement date and display a summary of your statement. Includes downloadable statements.
  • Search | Search transactions.

B: Bill Payment Tab to add a bank account for electronic payment of your bill.

C: Services Tab allows you to:

  • Request a credit increase
  • Initiate a balance transfer
  • Request a replacement card
  • Modify your email alerts
  • Change your password

D: Help Center Tab allows you to:

  • View and respond to messages
  • Dispute a transaction
  • Report a lost or stolen card

E: uChoose Rewards | track and redeem your points and rewards.


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