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Grace Cruz
Grace Cruz
Mortgage Loan Originator

“I am happy to say that I have worked for Credit Union 1 for nearly 20 years now. I truly believe in the values that the Credit Union stands for which is great member service to the local community.”

From a young age, Grace knew that she wanted to work in finance. Grace began working for Credit Union 1 out of high school and over the years has held positions as a File Clerk, Consumer Processor, Real Estate Processor and Sr. Loan Officer.

Grace transitioned into her role as a Retail Mortgage Loan Originator almost 10 years ago. She has a wide range of experience in both consumer and mortgage lending and is registered in Illinois and Indiana. Grace has processed and originated both consumer and mortgage loans in addition to specializing in our Mortgage Modification and Forbearance products.

Throughout her 10 years of being a Registered Mortgage Loan Originator, Grace has helped educate and assist many families become first-time homeowners.

“I truly enjoy my current role and my constant goal is to assist as many members as possible. I have been lucky to have grown professionally at Credit Union 1 and I look forward to providing quality the customer care that is needed to assist our members through the mortgage loan process.”

From a personal standpoint, Grace has been married to her wonderful husband Daniel for 5 years. She is a mother to a sassy teenager named Alexis. They have 2 senior dogs named Angel and Sasha. Providing for her family is Grace’s number 1 goal in life. “I owe my caring nature and success to them.”



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