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Digital Banking on your Apple Watch


We are excited to offer our members a new, convenient way to access account information.

Digital banking should be available wherever — and whenever — you want. Smartphones changed the world of digital banking by liberating us from desktop computing. Accessing account information is even more convenient while you are living your life on the go.

Easily view account balances and transactions on your Apple Watch® without having to log in! Checking your balance is now even handier — and so is viewing your latest transactions.

Apple Watcj Icon

View balances for the
first 10 accounts


Swipe Left/Right Icon

Swipe left/right to scroll
through account balances


Tap icon

Tap on a balance to
view the 10 most
recent transactions 

Swipe Up/Down icon

Swipe up/down or use
the sidewheel to scroll
through transactions

Force Touch icon

To refresh account balance
information, force touch
and select refresh option


Apple Watch Questions

What are the main banking features compatible with Apple Watch?

  • Users are able to view balance information for the first 10 accounts that display on the Account Summary page on their Apple Watch®; this included Personal Dashboard accounts.
  • Users swipe left/right on the watch face to scroll through their account balances.
  • Users can tap the watch face on a balance to view the 10 most recent transactions for that account.
  • Users can swipe up/down on the watch face or use the side wheel to scroll through transactions.
  • To refresh account balance information, force touch the watch face and select the refresh option.

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How do I enable my watch to view balances and transactions?

Your Apple Watch® will need to be paired to the iPhone that you use to access your iOS CU1 mobile banking app.

  • Log into your iOS CU1 mobile banking app, locate the Apple Watch® in your menu, and enable the feature.
  • Once enabled, you can open the app on your Apple Watch® to begin viewing balances and transactions.

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Is mobile banking available from a separate app that I need to download from the app store?

The CU1 mobile banking watch app is part of the iOS mobile banking app that you download on your phone — so you do not need to download a separate app for the Apple Watch!

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How do I install the CU1 mobile banking app for the Apple Watch?

It depends on the setting you have in your My Watch app on your iPhone. In the My Watch app, under General, there is a setting for Automatic App Install. If that setting is enabled, the mobile banking watch app should automatically install on your Apple Watch.

If you do not have Automatic App Install enabled, you can manually install the app on your Apple Watch. When you open the My Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down the page to view all of the apps that you have installed on your Apple Watch. At the bottom of that list will be a section for Available Apps to install on your Apple Watch.

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Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile carrier for details. Mobile Banking services are not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Apple. Apple Watch is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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