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A car's history affects its value. CARFAX® Vehicle History ReportsTM can help you make better used car-buying decisions. CARFAX has the most accident and damage information.

Vehicle History Reports Check For:

severe accident | lemon | flooded | odometer problems | how many owners | high mileage | rental | fleet car | total loss | airbags deployed | structural damage | service records

A CARFAX Vehicle History Report purchased via the CARFAX website costs $39.99 for one vehicle.

If you request a CARFAX History Report through Credit Union 1 — your CARFAX Report is only $29.99*!

Our team will pull the CARFAX Report and review it with you. At your request, we will also email the report to you.

Visit our CARFAX portal to learn more about the benefits of requesting a CARFAX Report.

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CARFAX Questions

What is a CARFAX Vehicle History Report?

Millions of consumers rely on CARFAX Reports every day to help them decide whether or not to buy a used car. Each report contains information about whether the car in question has been in an accident, has any open recalls, previous owners, service history and much, much more.

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Does CARFAX have a report for every vehicle?

CARFAX Reports are available for vehicles manufactured since 1981, when the 17-character VIN was standardized. CARFAX has information about cars and light trucks, though some information for other vehicle types may be reported to CARFAX as well. CARFAX Reports are powered by the CARFAX database – believed to be the world’s largest vehicle history database – containing billions of records from more than 112,000 domestic and international sources.

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What is a VIN?

VIN stands for a car’s Vehicle Identification Number. A VIN consists of 17 characters and serves as a unique identifier for a specific vehicle. At CARFAX, you can use either a VIN or a license plate and state to get a CARFAX Report.

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Where is my VIN located?

A VIN can often be found on the driver-side door, near where the door latches as well as on the lower-left hand corner of the dashboard, in front of the steering wheel. If you own the car, you can find it on the title, registration card or insurance documents.

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CARFAX is a registered trademark of Carfax, Inc.

*Choose to have CU1 debit your checking account for a one-time charge of $29.99 or the fee can be added to your loan.

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