Online Banking


Do More in Less Time With Online Banking.

Branch out from your routine. Accessing and managing your money just became more convenient. Online banking allows you to perform most transactions you would normally make at the branch from your mobile device or computer.


Your Time

Online banking never closes - check balances & manage your money 24/7.

Your Money

Access your account, transfer funds and pay bills while at home or on the go.

Your Choice

Pay who you want, when you want with online and mobile banking.

Check out our new Online Banking enhanced services:


Personal Finance Manager

Personal Finance Manager
(PFM) to track spending
habits and set savings goals

Forgot Password

Reset your User ID and Password
with the "Forgot your...." option

Instant Balance

Fast Balance lets you quickly
check up to 6 account balances on
mobile devices without logging in

Biometric Login

Biometric Login (Fingerprint/
Face Recognition) available on
mobile devices for iPhone®
and AndroidTM users

View Activity

Up-to-the minute account
balances and transactions

External Transfers

Move your money where and when
you want it with External Transfers

Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit allows you to
deposit a check from anywhere

Online Bill Pay

Simple, easy-to-use Online Bill Pay


Enroll in eStatements and get
your statements electronically

Protect Information

Secure with layers of authentication
to protect your information


Securely check your credit score
and view credit history on
demand using CreditSense

Card Keeper

Manage CU1 Visa® credit and
debit cards on mobile devices
with the new CU1 Card Keeper


Credit Union 1's Enhanced Online/Mobile Banking platform is Here!

Our new digital banking platform can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. This means whether you are managing your account using a laptop or mobile device, you will have the same experience! The platform works best on the last 2 versions of every major browser.

Registration For New Users Expand/Colapse

Members that are enrolling in Online/Mobile Banking for the first time after August 20, 2019 will register using the Register option at the login box. Registration can be done on any device with an internet connection. You can even download the Mobile App and register from there! Simply follow the screen prompts to complete your registration.

image of online banking login box

Existing Users 1st Login Expand/Colapse

Members that are already enrolled in Online/Mobile Banking prior to August 20, 2019 do not need to register on the new platform! Simply use your current Online Banking login credentials (User ID and Password) and you will be presented with steps to validate, authenticate, and change your password. There will be a new area to login to Online Banking in the header of our website. Once you are logged in, look at any automated transfers you have previously setup to confirm they converted properly.


sample Online Banking Login image

Mobile Users Expand/Colapse

The Credit Union 1 Mobile App can be downloaded on the App Store® and Google Play®.  Existing users that have the current Credit Union 1 Mobile App will receive and app update notice.

Update Required


Download the CU1 App today!

Download on the App Store   Get it on Google Play

Online Bill Pay Users Expand/Colapse

Existing Online Bill Pay Users will be able to immediately use Online Bill Pay once logged in to the new Online/Mobile Banking platform. Your scheduled payments and payees will be there, ready to access.

New Online Bill Pay Users, when you access the Online Bill Pay menu, you will be notified if you have accounts eligible for Bill Pay. Simply follow the on screen registration instructions.

sample Bill Pay menu image

New Features Expand/Colapse

There are several new features to the upgraded Digital Banking platform:

  • Self Service. Reset passwords, hide/turn on/arrange tiles on the dashboard, create a real-time stop payment on a check, apply for a loan, update personal information and more!
  • Biometric Authentication. When you have Biometric Authentication turned on for your mobile device, you can then use the same type of Biometric Authentication to login the CU1 App. Don't worry, biometrics don't have to be used to login to the app. If you prefer to type in your password, you can login that way if you choose.
  • Credit Score. Securely check your credit score and view credit history on demand using CreditSense. CreditSense is also accessible on your mobile device!
  • Download Account History. Download account searches to a spreadsheet or Quicken.
  • Secure Messaging. Submit a transaction inquiry, submit a secure form, or compose a new message (and include attachments) using the Secure Message feature.
  • Transfers. Transfers can be scheduled to occur immediately, on a future date, or as a recurring transfer. Unlinked Account Transfers allow you to transfer to another CU1 member. External Transfers are 2 way transfers to and from accounts you own at other financial institutions. 
  • Spending Module (PFM). Create a Budget, establish Savings Goals, and track Expenses. Assign transactions to categories with the ability to split a single transaction into different categories. You can also add External Accounts like investments, 401K etc. to get an even larger picture of your financial well being.
  • CU1 Card Keeper. Manage your CU1 Visa credit and debit cards on mobile devices with the new CU1 Card Keeper app. Download the CU1 Card Keeper app separately, and access it inside the CU1 Mobile App! COMING SOON!
  • Fast Balance. Quickly check up to 6 account balances on mobile devices without logging in. You choose the the accounts you want to display.
  • Alerts. Subscribe to receive alerts with the option to get the notification via email or text. A variety of Alert Categories to choose from and customize.

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Digital Banking Questions

How do I access CU1 Mobile Banking?

In order to access CU1 Mobile Banking, you need a Credit Union 1 account, access to Online Banking, and a mobile device with an Internet connection.

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Which mobile devices are supported for CU1 Mobile Banking?

You can access CU1 Mobile Banking from any Internet-enabled mobile phone, iPhone®, iPad®, or Android® device.

Note: For the mobile app, devices must be Internet-enabled and have a cell phone number associated with them. The tablet app is currently for iPad® only.

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Is CU1 Mobile Banking secure?

CU1 Mobile Banking is encrypted using the Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) protocol, which provides the highest level of security available today. Additionally, all data that passes between web servers are encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

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Is there a fee to use CU1 Mobile Banking?

No. CU1 Mobile Banking is a benefit of CU1 membership and is a complimentary service. Message and data rates charged by your carrier may apply.

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What happens if l forgot my User ID or Password?

To reset your password, choose the "Forgot Password?" option from the login screen and reset your password.

To reset your User ID, go to the Online Banking login through your mobile device's browser, and select the "Forgot User ID?" option.

You may also call our Member Solutions Team at 800.252.6950.

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I am not receiving text messages from CU1 including the activation code?

Some carriers may block access to text messages from Credit Union 1. Please contact your carrier if you receive a message that texts are blocked or if you have issues receiving texts from Mobile Banking.

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What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a secure and convenient way of making deposits with your mobile device anytime, anywhere! Take photos of the front and back of your check and submit. Review the deposit and done!

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Can I make a payment using Mobile Deposit, or is it for depositing into savings and checking only?

You can deposit into any of your Savings, Checking or Money Market Account. You can transfer funds from any of these accounts after funds are made available to you, using Online/Mobile Banking.

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Is there is any kind of limit on the mobile check deposits?

The maximum amount per item deposited per day is $2,500 if your account has been opened for 180 days or less or $5,000 if your account has been opened more than 180 days.

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Do Mobile Deposit checks have to be signed?

Yes, endorse or sign the check with your signature and your account number.

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When will Mobile Deposits Post?

On weekdays (excluding holidays), the cutoff time for same business day posting is 4:00PM Central Time. Deposits made after the 4:00PM Central Time cutoff will be posted the next business day. Deposits received after 4:00PM Central Time on Friday or on Saturday or Sunday or any holiday, will be posted on the next business day. Posting usually occurs between 4:00PM and 5:00PM Central Time. Up to $200 of your deposit will be available the following business day. The remainder may be placed on hold up to 2 business days. Longer holds in certain situations may apply.

Mobile Banking Support. For questions relating to signing up, accessing or using the Mobile Banking services please call our Mobile Banking support number at 800.252.6950 and a Member Solutions Specialist will assist you.

Apple, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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What are the advantages of using Online Banking?

With Online Banking you can review transaction history, make account transfers, pay bills or access your account on your mobile device. Online Banking gives you access to your account where you need it when you need it.

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How much does Online Banking cost?

Online Banking is a free service associated with your Credit Union 1 account. Some fees may apply to services accessed within the application like Popmoney®.

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What do I need to do to sign up for Online Banking?

  • Click the Register link under the login button
  • Review and accept the terms of this agreement
  • Enter the information in the required fields and follow the screen prompts.
    • Account Number, Last Name, email Address, Zip Code, Social Security Number, Birth Date.

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Is Online Banking Secure?

Online Banking is secured using the latest encryption and Internet security technologies. We take your online security very seriously. 

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How do I reset my password?

  • Click the "Forgot Password?" link under the password field.
  • Enter the information for the Required Fields.
  • Click Submit and follow the screen prompts.

Online Banking Support. For questions relating to signing up, accessing or using the Online Banking services please call our Member Solutions Department at 800.252.6950 and a Member Solutions Specialist will assist you.

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Why do I need to enter my Social Security Number when registering?

As a financial institution, for your protection, Credit Union 1 needs to authenticate who we are communicating with online. Entering your Social Security Number is required to confirm we are in fact registering/authenticating you.

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Why won't my phone number or email address work when I'm trying to register?

The digital banking system uses the information on your Credit Union 1 account to establish your online account. You need to use the home or work phone number, or email address that is on your account.

For the Identity Verification step, you do have the option to select, "I can't be reached at any of these numbers." and you will be presented wit out-of-wallet questions to answer in place of receiving a text or phone call.

If you need to update your phone number or email address that we have on file, please contact our Member Solutions Team at 800.252.6950 to get that updated.

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Why am I getting an Error Message stating you are unable to validate my information?

Your last name needs to be entered exactly as it is on your Credit Union 1 account. Please refer to your statement to confirm.

When you receive the Error Message, you can use the "Forgot Password?" option with your User ID. Follow the screen prompts and answer the questions presented. If you continue to receive an error, call our Member Solutions Team at 800.252.6950.

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How do I see my other accounts on which I'm an owner?

Linked Profiles. If you are an owner on another Credit Union 1 account and would like to link your profiles so you can manage both accounts digitally through one login, call our Member Solutions Team at 800.252.6950 and request to Link Profiles.

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How do I transfer to other CU1 Accounts?

Unlinked Accounts. Add unlinked accounts to enable you to transfer funds with other Credit Union 1 accounts online. This would be used to transfer funds from your CU1 account to another person's CU1 account (ie: friend, co-worker, family member etc.) on which you are not an owner.

To setup your unlinked accounts, you must be logged in through a web browser (not the mobile app). Click the Transfers dropdown menu and select Unlinked Accounts. After you provide the information, the designated account will be added to your list of destination accounts on the Manage Transfer screen.

Note: The format to add an Unlinked Account is Account=sfx. Money can only be sent to Unlinked Accounts, you cannot request funds with this feature.

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What are Electronic Documents?

Receive and view all of your documents electronically! You will get a notification that a document is available for viewing. Simply login to Digital Banking and choose Electronic Documents from the Accounts menu.

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How do I request a Cashier's Check through Digital Banking?

When logged in, send a secure message requesting a Cashier's Check. Go to the Profile Menu, select Messages, and click Compose New in the top right corner of the screen. Complete the form and click Send.

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How do I change my User ID?

It is easy to change your User ID! Once logged in, go to the Profile menu, select Profile Update, and click Change User ID. Voila!

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What is Fast Balances?

Fast Balances is a feature that lets you get a quick look at your balances from the login screen on your mobile device.

To setup Fast Balances, login and go to the Profile menu, select Profile Update, and click Manage Fast Balances. Turn Fast Balances on, and select your accounts. Voila!

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How do I get more details about my certificate (CD)?

In the Account Summary screen, click on the Certificate Name and additional account details will appear such as: interest rate, Year to Date Interest, and Maturity Date.

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How do I setup recurring transfers?

When logged in, simply go to the Transfers menu and click on Manage Transfers. Pick your source, destination, amount, start date and frequency. That's it! Set it up once and don't worry about it anymore.

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Why can't I see my eStatements on my mobile device?

Viewing eStatements on mobile devices is a feature that will be available 1Q 2020.

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Online Banking Support

For questions related to signing up, accessing or using Online Banking, please call our Member Solutions Department at 800.252.6950.

Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile carrier for details. Apple, App Store and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Google Play logo is a trademark of Google Inc.