Bill Discovery

What is the Bill Discovery Feature?
Bill Discovery is a simple and fast feature that automatically connects you with your eligible bills after searching the expansive biller database or your credit bureau data. Bill Discovery removes the manual process of adding bills once you provide consent, keeping you in control over the bills you want to add.

How do I get started with Bill Discovery?

  1. When logged into CU1 Digital Banking, navigate to Transactions then Bill Payments.
  2. Click “Add My Bills Now.”
  3. Provide consent by clicking “Find My Bills.”
  4. Select which bills you would like to add.


Can I cancel Bill Discovery?
Yes, you can opt out of Bill Discovery at any time.


If I opt out of Bill Discovery and change my mind, how can I opt back in?
Go to the “Find My Bills” tab and provide consent to access your credit report to help you add your bills.


Is Bill Discovery available for small businesses?
Currently only consumer members can take advantage of Bill Discovery.


If I have a block on my credit report, will Bill Discovery be affected?
Yes, if one’s credit is locked down for fraud, security, or other reasons, the Credit Bureau search for new billers will return an error. 


How often does Bill Discovery search for a new biller?
Bill Discovery checks for new billers every five days after the initial consent is given. Each biller found remains until you either add it as a payee or remove it from the Bill Discovery list presented.


Is there additional verification required to add a biller?
If biller(s) require additional verification, you will be provided with the additional verification fields upon selecting biller. If the biller does not require any verification, then you can add those directly by clicking the “Add” button.

Billers requiring verification may ask for zip codes in separate fields (Zip5 + Zip 4) or in one field requiring 9 digits.


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