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Card Valet

Get CardValet®, the mobile app that lets you control Debit Card and Credit Card usage and spending on the go. Monitor your accounts with your smartphone and control how, when and where your cards are used.

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CardValet Lets You

  • Turn your cards on and off
  • Establish transaction controls for:
    • Dollar Amount Limits
    • Merchant Categories
    • Geographic Locations
  • Receive alerts when your cards are used, approved, or exceeds the transaction controls set by you
  • Stay informed of potential fraud with alerts on attempted and/or declined transactions
  • Get real-time balances for your accounts

Control Spending

If you’re trying to establish or stick to a budget, CardValet can help. Set spending limits or specify thresholds by merchant types, such as gas, groceries or retail stores. You can also establish these controls by location. The flexible app lets you change these parameters anytime with ease via your mobile device.

Fraud Protection

Turning your Debit Card or Credit Card off when you’re not using it helps safeguard against fraud. When your card is “off”, no withdrawals or purchases will be approved. Transaction controls that allow your card to work only in specific locations or geographic areas, add another layer of protection. Real-time alerts keep you informed when your card is used or declined.

Review Balances and Transactions

Monitor your finances from anywhere. Use the CardValet app to check your account balances.

Signing up for CardValet is easy! All you need is a Credit Union 1 checking or credit card account and the CardValet Mobile App.

The best part is that CardValet is FREE.

How to Get Started With CardValet:

  1. Download the CardValet App from iTunes or the GooglePlay Store.
  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions of use.
  3. Answer a few simple questions to verify your identity and update your contact information.
  4. Add your cards to the CardValet App.
  5. Once verified, you're all set to use CardValet!

App Store Google Play

Want to see the new CardValet first hand. Click the image below and we will show you the new service in action and highlight a few of the new features.

Card Valet video

What types of phones are supported by CardValet?
    CardValet works with the most recent mobile operating software as well as two past generations of AndroidTM and iPhone® devices.
Is there a fee for CardValet?
    No. CardValet is included with your checking and credit card accounts.
Can I unsubscribe from CardValet?
    Yes, you can unsubscribe through the CardValet App via Manage Portfolio. To unsubscribe, uncheck all cards and accounts and tap OK. Or call Credit Union 1 at (800) 252-6950, option 3. Please note, when unsubscribing from CardValet, all previously set alerts and controls are no longer in effect.
Can I re-enroll in CardValet if I previously unsubscribed?
    Yes. To activate an unsubscribed user, you will register as a new user. You are required to select a new username; if you enter your previous username an error displays. Upon successful registration, you may once again use CardValet.
How long does the app stay logged in if you do not log out?
    The app automatically logs the user off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
Can multiple cards be linked to one registered CardValet account?
    Yes. Cardholders can register multiple Credit Union 1 cards within a single CardValet app.
How many cards can you register within a single CardValet application?
    There is no limit.
If I receive a reissued or replacement card, will I have to update my cards within the application?
    If the card number is new, then yes, you must add the new card number to your profile. You may also unmanage the old card by accessing Manage Portfolio.
What exactly is the range of the My Location controls, and will this setting impact internet transactions?
    The My Location controls and alerts will check to ensure the merchant location is within a 5-mile radius of the device set as primary within CardValet. These controls impact card present transactions only, therefore internet transactions are not impacted.
If My Location is set but the primary device is off, will transactions get denied outside of the My Location area?
    CardValet ignores location information that is more than 8 hours old. So, if the phone is off for more than 8 hours, My Location controls will not take effect, and the transaction will not be denied on the basis of the old location information.
What happens if My Location is set but the phone is left at home? Will transactions be denied outside the My Location area?
    CardValet performs a proximity check at the granularity of Zip code or city, so if the merchant is close to home then the transactions will still go through.
A region has been set on the map. Does this mean the card can only be used exactly in this region?
    The region shows the approximate area where the card can be used; the area must be greater than 5 square miles. CardValet can typically map the transaction down to a ZIP code or city. If the city or ZIP code of the merchant overlaps with the selected region in the map, then the transaction can still go through. There are instances where a merchant location cannot be mapped down to a ZIP code or city, in which case CardValet will default to a state-level match.
Can I block all international transactions?
    Yes. International transactions can be blocked using the Block International location control. Transactions will be limited to the United States.
Does Block International also block Internet transactions?
    No. The location controls are applicable to in-store transactions only.
Will location controls, merchant controls, threshold controls, and turning the card off impact previously authorized recurring transactions?
    Previously authorized recurrent payments will continue to process and will bypass the CardValet edit checks.
Are the alerts sent as email or push notifications to the device?
    CardValet alerts are sent as push notifications to the phone. The alerts also display under Messages in the CardValet app.
Does the app show recent transaction history?
    Yes, the app shows the last 50 card-based transactions posted within the last 30 days.

Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile carrier for details. CardValet is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. The Apple logo is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Google Play logo is a trademark of Google Inc.

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