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John Wolverton
John Wolverton
Indirect Credit Manager

John has been in the financial industry for 34 years starting in consumer collections with a collection agency. The last 10 years he was with Lending Solutions as a trainer for Indirect underwriting working with over 75 credit unions as their 3rd party underwriters and in some cases to help create and develop their programs. John has trained several underwriters to work in many of the platforms out there as well as to help them develop their thought process to underwrite these loans.  


“This by far has been the most rewarding career choice for me since I love to buy a car every 2 years. I feel this just catered to me.” 


John grew up in Chicago and now lives in Naperville with his fiancé of 20 years. They have a Boxer Heeler mix that is 7 years old and a Catahoula Lab that is 2 years old.  

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