What is CO-OP Shared Branching?


What is CO-OP Shared Branching

Credit Unions guide members towards a bright financial future with hands-on support, making banking better with a personal touch. This means, if you’re a member, you are the priority.

But this does not come at the cost of convenience, either: credit unions that opt into the CO-OP network operate on a massive scale rivalling that of big banks. Access to 24/7 ATMs and Shared Branches nationwide allow for banking needs to be met anytime, anywhere.

Credit Union 1 is a part of the CO-OP network. So, what does that mean for you as a member?



What is a Shared Branch?

The CO-OP Shared Branch network is a team of credit unions united in helping members easily fulfill their banking needs, no matter where they are.

At CO-OP Shared Branch locations, credit union members can perform transactions at other participating credit unions just like they would at their usual one, with the same service and convenience.

What Can I Do at a Shared Branch?

At any CO-OP Shared Branch, Credit Union 1 members can:

  • Transfer and deposit funds
  • Withdrawal money 
  • Check your account balance
  • Receive in-person assistance with banking needs
  • And more.

Do Shared Branches Have ATMs?

If the shared branch nearest to you is closed, don’t worry. The CO-OP network has more surcharge free ATMs than almost any other bank—including ATMs in common locations like 7-Eleven®, Costco®, Dunkin Donuts®, and Walgreens®—giving you 24/7 access to your CU1 accounts.

At CO-OP ATMs, you can:

  • Check your account balance
  • Withdrawal cash
  • Deposit cash
  • Cash or deposit checks

If your debit card has the CO-OP logo, you can use participating ATMs without paying a cent.

How Big is the CO-OP Shared Network?

The CO-OP network has more than 6,000 branches from coast-to-coast. This is more branches than most big banks. There are also more than 30,000 CO-OP ATMs.

Since CU1 is part of the CO-OP network, members have as much or more direct access to their funds than they would with traditional banks, while still receiving the level of service they expect from a credit union. For example, visiting Maui, Hawaii, and need some cash? The CO-OP network has 8 shared branches and 3 ATMs nearby.

How Do I Use a Shared Branch?

To access your account at a shared branch, all you need is:

  • The name of your credit union
  • Your account number
  • A government ID

How Do I Find a Shared Branch?

Whether you want to deposit funds in Wyoming, transfer money in Tampa, or check your balance on the Vegas strip, Credit Union 1’s decision to opt into the CO-OP Shared Branch network means a vast team of credit unions has your back.

To find a CO-OP shared branch or ATM:

  • Click here to use the CO-OP locator tool.
  • Download the CO-OP locator app for Apple or Android.
  • Call 1.888.SITE-CO-OP.
  • Text your Zip Code to 91989.


If you aren’t a CU1 member yet, click here to apply for membership. This gives you use of the CO-OP Shared Branch network, CU1’s personalized Digital Banking and mobile app, and much more, so you can always bank on the go.


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