Travel Notice


CU1 Card Travel Notification

Travel Notification

Don't forget to put travel notifications on your CU1 debit and credit cards to ensure seamless card usage while out of town.

Just a few easy steps

  1.  Login to CU1 Online Banking.
  2. Under the Profile Menu select Secure Forms.
  3. Choose CU1 Card Travel Notification.
  4. Enter the information in each field and click Submit.

You can also call our Member Solutions Team at 800.252.6950 or visit a branch to notify CU1 of your travel plans.


Other Phone Numbers Available

To report lost/stolen credit cards | 844.700.1129
To report lost/stolen debit cards | 800.472.3272

Our monitoring service may call you to verify unusual activity on your card. These are legitimate calls.

Credit Card unusual activity | 844.700.1129
Debit Card unusual activity | 877.253.8964